Thursday, May 03, 2012

Browsing Area Books of the Week, April 30, 2012.

Women Lead the Way: your guide for stepping up to leadership and Changing the World by Linda Tarr-Whelan. Library Call Number: HD6054.3.T372009.
     From the Barnes & Noble website:   “Evidence from around the world validates the findings of the United Nations General Assembly in 1995, which set a baseline of at least 30% women at the table as a prerequisite for genuine partnership and lasting, positive change in the international arena.

We see the same phenomena in the business world. More women as corporate officers and members of boards of directors results in stronger financial performance. At 30% representation, we see concrete, positive outcomes for everyone – not just women -- including increased shareholder value, more flexible management approaches, a broader definition of success, and better bottom lines. More women at the table means more progress for all of us.”

The Next Generation of Women Leaders: what you need to lead but won’t learn in business school by Selena Rezvani. Library Call Number: HD6054.3.R49 2010.
          Over the course of a year and 30 interviews, Rezvani spoke to successful businesswomen, from the president of Saks to the owner of the LA Dodgers, collecting their experiential wisdom. Each interviewee provides tools and mentoring for the young woman eager to enter the world of leadership. The book “…encourages young women to be their own advocates when it comes to professional growth and advancement and provides tangible how-tos on negotiating the workplace as a woman.”

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