Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Library Video of the Week, December 3, 2012

Into the Abyss: a Tale of Death, a Tale of Life.  A documentary by Werner Herzog.  Library Call Number: HV6515.I58 2102.
          Werner Herzog is known to be an intense person, capable of creating films the make a lasting impression. Aguirre, Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo, and his recent documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams were all movies of indelible import.
          Now comes Into the Abyss, a stark and unrelenting look at murderers, victims, their families and the state executioners.
          Focusing on a trio of murders in Conroe, Texas, Herzog interviews the two men convicted of one of the killings.  Michael Perry, one of the killers, is due to be executed only 8 days from the time Herzog speaks to him. Jason Burkett, the other prisoner, met and married his wife while on death row.  Neither Burkett nor Perry had confessed to the murders; each had blamed the other.  Despite Herzog’s stated intention that the film did not have a political overtone, it has re-kindled the debate over capital punishment.

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