Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey Stout! #CheckThisOut — Staff Recommendation

Bridget Krejci
Today's Hey Stout! #CheckThisOut features a staff recommendation. Bridget Krejci is an assistant in the Cataloging & Processing department and one of the newest staff members at the University Library, joining the team in May 2013. Today she offers her review of Ann Patchett's State of Wonder:

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
Copyright 2011, Harper Publishing
In State of Wonder, a pharmaceutical researcher, Dr. Marina Singh, goes to the Amazon jungle to find information regarding a colleague who recently died under mysterious circumstances. Once there, she must find Dr. Anneck Swenson, a renowned gynecologist who has spent years looking at the reproductive habits of a local tribe where women can conceive well into their middle ages. Dr. Swenson is paid to find the key to this longstanding childbearing ability by the same company for which Dr. Singh works. However, that isn’t their only connection: both have an overlapping professional past that Dr. Singh has tried to forget. In finding her former mentor, Dr. Singh begins to face her own disappointments and regrets.

I really enjoyed was watching Marina as she became adjusted to living in the jungle. She realized how the material things in her life are not that important and she slowly got rid of them. When she rids herself of these material things, she learned so much about herself. I also loved how Ann Patchett managed to weave together so many powerful topics like ethics in medicine, science and conflicting morals and values. This book really pushes the envelope and that is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. It is unlike any other book I’ve read.

Review by Bridget Krejci

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