Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Kathy Winters receives 2013-14 Barnard Outstanding Service Award

Kathy Winters
The University Library’s Barnard Committee recently announced Kathy Winters as the recipient of the 2014 Barnard Outstanding Service Award, which honors exceptional library staff members who go above and beyond their duties to better serve the Stout community.

Kathy has been with the library since 1997 and is in charge of standing orders, serials, ordering, and claiming. She received her B.S. in Service Management from Stout in 2005, and as part of her studies, created the eCourse Materials Service, which scans textbooks for Disability Services and supplemental course materials for faculty and academic staff.

Kathy received numerous nominations praising her contributions to the university:
  • “On numerous occasions Kathy has welcomed my request for assistance and has consistently and in a most courteous fashion delivered on her word.”
  • “Kathy provides rapid, professional CRUCIAL service. Through it students get cutting-edge readings and a wider range of materials.”
  • “[due to] shortages of texts that were no longer published, and the Disability Services office needing items in accessible formats, Kathy made [the E-Course materials service] happen.”
  • “Kathy's support [helps me] directly serve our students. Kathy supports my mission through her support/position.”
  • “Kathy noticed ways that we could improve our scanning process for items with a high page count and trained our students in the techniques she developed in her department.”
  • “Kathy consistently goes above and beyond in her superb and well-organized scanning services.”
  • “Kathy's service-focused philosophy reflects her dedication to providing consistent, dependable and exemplary service to students and faculty.”
The Barnard Award ceremony honoring Kathy will take place Wed., April 16 from 10 to 11:30 am in the library’s 4th Floor browsing area.

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