Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Winter Haven homeless shelter needs you!

Local homeless shelter Winter Haven, run by Stepping Stones of Dunn County, is looking for night shift volunteers to help with the program that runs from November to March. Volunteering is a great addition to resumes and graduate school applications, has networking and social benefits, and isn't bad for the ol' karma either!

Homelessness is a worldwide issue with many contributing factors, including social inequality and mental illness. For more information on this complex topic, check out Opposing Viewpoints: Homelessness, an e-book in the library's collection. Stepping Stones also creates a quarterly newsletter with information about the shelter and homelessness issues.

Winter Haven is in need of volunteers to for two night shifts. Volunteers will work in pairs. For more information, visit Stepping Stones' website, or contact Stepping Stones' Shelter Coordinator Heidi Hooten by email at or by phone at 715 235-2920.

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