Monday, March 05, 2018

Talk to Strangers: A Speed Friending Event, March 29, 9:40am - Noon

Talk to Strangers

Every person has a story.
Every story deserves to be told.

Drop-in to share your story, between 9:40 am - Noon on Thursday, March 29th.

Imagine how much we could change in our communities and around the globe if we could talk to each other simply, openly, honestly. Talk to Strangers allows you to engage in respectful conversations with people you might not get to talk to everyday—people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Come with an open mind and allow yourself thirty minutes to share your own story and listen to the stories of others.

The first floor of the library will have tables and chairs to hold one-to-one conversations for seven minutes, then participants will move to another chair to meet someone new. Questions to start conversations will be at each table. Drop-in for 30 minutes or stay for the whole two hours.

Food will be provided, so stay and continue the conversations. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and find out how diverse the UW-Stout campus really is.

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