Monday, November 14, 2011

Library Video of the Week, November 14, 2011

Hidden Battles, directed by Victoria Mills, distributed by VSM Productions. 2010.  Library call number: RC550.H53 2010.    Interviewing five soldiers from around the world, this documentary looks at the single most affecting act of soldiering—that of killing another human being.  An Arab man who began as a boy in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade,  tells how the struggle took his whole family and left him with the feeling he and death are connected.  An American sniper in Somalia comes home with recurring memories that won’t go away, even when he moves his family to Scotland.  A housewife from New York recalls her time as a Sandinista in Nicaragua.  Saar, an Israeli soldier, tries to overcome his memories, yet finds them always with him.  And George still struggles with the killing from Vietnam and tries to help others from more recent wars.  All try to reconcile their killing of another human being with the rest of their lives.  Selected for numerous film festivals and acclaimed by critics, Hidden Battles provides a look at the resilience of the human mind.
     This video is available on the 3rd floor of the University Library.

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