Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Library Video of the Week, November 28, 2011

Being John Malkovich starring John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Keener and John Malkovich, directed by Spike Jonze.(1999.) Library Call Number: PN1995.9.S85B44 2003.
         In this truly weird movie from the great director Spike Jonze, Cusack plays Craig Schwartz, a struggling puppeteer forced to take a day job as a filing clerk in a nondescript doctor’s office.  His desk and the files are on the 7½ floor and it’s just that—half a floor, about four feet high.  Craig spends his time hitting on bored but attractive coworker, Maxine, even though he’s a married man, and no one on the floor seems to mind they’re spending all day in a crouch. That would be weird enough, but then Cusack finds a hidden door; go through it and you end up inside John Malkovich’s head for fifteen minutes, after which you’re ejected into a ditch along the New Jersey Turnpike.  In no time at all, Craig has turned it into a business, offering people the chance to be Malkovich for $200 a turn.
          Things quickly get complicated, however, when Craig’s wife tries the door, has a date with Maxine, and ends up in bed with her—as Malkovich.  There is also a small problem with the actor, who is becoming increasingly paranoid as he feels all these strange people and voices in his head.
          Probably the most unpredictable movie you’ll ever see, Being John Malkovich is an original.

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