Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet the Staff: Technical Services

Technical Services staff work behind the scenes to make sure you can find and access the information you need in the library. They order, renew, process and add books, videos, magazines, newspapers and more to the collection.  Without their efficient work, the daily newspaper wouldn’t make it to the shelf, the book you asked to be purchased would never come in and things would be shelved willy-nilly; and how would you find a thing?

Acquisitions Assistant

Cyrilla is responsible for processing the orders and invoices for books, movies and music that get added to the physical collection.

Cyrilla has a B.S. in English Education with a minor in Library Science from UW-Platteville.  She started working at the library on January 5, 1976. In her time outside the library, she enjoys reading, photography, gardening and traveling.

Cataloging Assistant

Rachel maintains bibliographic records for library collections and manages the processing of library

She has her MLIS from University of Wisconsin-Madison and BA in History and French from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. And when not working, she is busy biking, reading, learning Norwegian, and spending time with family.

Rachel has recently joined the library team on November 30, 2015.

Collection Development Assistant

Padraig is responsible for ordering, receiving and invoicing serials (magazines, journals, newspapers).

He has an MA in Philosophy from Colorado State University. And in his free time he enjoys cycling, camping, hiking, reading and writing.

Padraig just joined the team on May 23rd. Welcome!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hey Stout! #CheckThisOut - Strawberry Pie

The library has shelves of cookbooks, so Reference Librarian, Ann Vogl, decided to check one out in order to make strawberry pie. There were several to choose from, but she chose a simple recipe from:

Country Pies: A Seasonal Sampler by Lisa Yockelson. Located on the 3rd floor TX773 .Y63 1988.

The Glazed Strawberry Pie recipe is on page 112 and it was super simple. Only 4 ingredients – strawberries, lemon juice, sugar and cornstarch for the filling. 

Ann took the easy way out and used a refrigerator crust, but there is a pie crust recipe in the book as well. The pie filling was easy to make. Crush two cups of strawberries and mix with lemon juice. Mix the sugar and cornstarch, then fold into the crushed berries. Cook on the stove until thickened. Let this cool to room temperature and fold into the small whole berries and then pour into a cooled crust. The only baking was for the crust, so the house didn’t get too warm. (You'll need to check out the book to get the full recipe).

The pie was put in the refrigerator overnight and served at room temperature the next day with whipped cream, if so desired. Ann shared with the rest of the staff and people thought it was quite tasty.

You could probably use part of the recipe to make strawberry jam.

Come in and Check Out a cookbook and share a review with us.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Bob Butterfield receives 2015-16 Barnard Outstanding Service Award

The University Library's Barnard Outstanding Service Award Committee is pleased to announce Bob Butterfield, Director of Instructional Resource Services, as this year's Outstanding Service Award recipient.

Butterfield, has served for the last five years on the Academic Staff Senate and is a recent graduate of UW-Stout's Leadership Academy.

Butterfield’s nominations referred to his leadership and vision in the library as well as his service to the greater campus. He regularly builds partnerships across department lines to improve access to research materials. His work with Electronic Textbook publishers is influencing campuses across the University of Wisconsin System and across the country.

“Stout has become my home and it is a privilege to be able to serve this community,” said Butterfield. “I would also like to share my heartfelt thanks to the Barnard family for their continuing commitment to service at UW-Stout.”

An award ceremony was held at 11 a.m. Wednesday, May 25, on the fourth floor of the Robert S. Swanson Library and Learning Center.

The annual award recognizes a library employee for exceptional accomplishments in serving the information needs of students, faculty and staff.

The David P. Barnard Family Endowment and Stout University Foundation support the award. David Barnard, retired dean of Learning Resources, and his wife, Kay, established the award in 2000.