Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Kim Uetz Wins Barnard Award

Each year, thanks to funding from the David P. Barnard Family Endowment and the Stout University Foundation, Inc., a member from the staff is awarded the University Library Outstanding Service Award.

This year, Print Acquisitions and Resource Specialist Kim Uetz is recognized with the Barnard Award.

The Barnard Award recognizes a library staff member who exemplifies collaborative initiatives with the larger Stout community, engages in leading-edge efforts, enhances library services/resources, and exemplifies outstanding customer service efforts. The recipient is chosen based on nomination statements submitted on the library staff member’s behalf by members of the Stout community.

“I cherish each and every day to work at Stout with such a wonderful family and cherish the memories. I am truly blessed and honored,” said Kim upon learning of winning the award. “You certainly took me by surprise, and yes I am speechless.” 

While Kim may have been surprised by the award, many on campus are not.

“Kim is a steady and reliable IRS contact for faculty and students, and she has worked very effectively to ensure that students and faculty receive the resources they need--even in a time of great uncertainty and crisis,” said one nomination.

The Outstanding Service Award guidelines specify that committee members do not make known the nominators, so all nominations remain anonymous to all but the committee.

Kim is an advocate for Stout students, staff, and faculty and remains dedicated to student retention and support, as another nomination noted.

“Kim is always keeping students in mind. Not only does she take part in orientation efforts for new incoming Freshman by greeting them during open houses, but she also takes on a leadership role with our own student staff and helps coach and guide those staff to grow into their responsibilities and daily tasks. She is always looking out for the faculty and teaching staff as well, making sure that they have whatever materials they request in a timely manner, and always advocating for them to get their materials for free from publishers as much as possible so they can easily facilitate classroom education.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted library operations in 2020, Kim remained at the library to support essential functions.

“Kim was one of the library's ‘essential workers’ throughout the early days of the pandemic. She was based out of the library and maintained a consistent physical presence in IRS. Because of her dedication, student workers were able to continue employment in her unit throughout the spring and summer, and the community was able to get timely access to physical resources during a time that much of campus was completely closed,” said a nominator. 

Kim also looks to the future of the Instructional Resources Service, also called Textbooks. To keep student textbook fees low, Kim maintains relationships with textbook publishers.

“Kim has made many contacts in the publishing industry, which has helped her forge those relationships that expedite transactions and ensure that students and faculty alike are taken care of efficiently and with a high degree of respect,” a nominator noted.

A celebration in honor of Kim’s Barnard Award win will take place at a later date. In the meantime, Kim continues to light up the library. One of Kim’s nominations sums it up well with a reference to Kim’s favorite color.

“She is our purple ray of sunshine.”

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